Your business or product logo added to our website as a sponsor with description of your product or brand and links to your pages, text mention of your product or brand added to our show release description notes, weekly shoutout on all of our Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).  Product or brand promo video using your script and talk track or I can free flow which will be uploaded to IGTV, YouTube, and Facebook as well as being shared on Twitter & LinkedIn. We can update the promo video once a month with new promotions for you. 

PLUS Be a guest on the Top Rated MMA Show OR The Bearded Biz Show to deep dive into what you or brand / product is about.  Our shows are uploaded directly to Facebook, IGTV, and YouTube. Shared on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Audio formats are released to all major formats including iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, etc. 

Platinum Package

Price Options
Monthly Package
$500.00monthly/ auto-renew