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Bearded Biz Show - Ep. 62 - Mike Young - Founder of The Makeover Master & The Made Over Podcast

Bearded Biz Show Ep. 62 featured Mike Young who is the Founder of The Makeover Master, Host of the “Made Over” Podcast, Author, & much more. Check it out!

In the early 2000s Mike ran a very successful mortgage company with 10 offices, 6 partners, & 250 employees. In 2008, he lost it ALL!

He ended up securing a six figure investment to create an online business which failed in 5 months and he went into hiding for almost 4 years!

Mike is now changing lives as the Founder of The Makeover Master! Make sure you take advantage of his FREE “5 Minutes Of Mentoring” & FREE Business Makeover Accelerator course.

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